Google Map API For Android App

How To Get Google Map API For Android App

How to get "My certificate's MD5 fingerprint" for Google Map Api?

In this I will show how to get MD5 fingerprint for Google Map API Key, for using in Android App.

For using Google Map in your Android App you need to Sign Up for the Android Maps API.

For Signing Up and for obtaining Android Map API Key you need to have 'MD5 fingerprint Certificate'.

I will show you easy and step by step way to Sign Up for Android Maps API.

Getting 'MD5 fingerprint Certificate'.

1. Goto > Start.

2. Select Run and press Enter.

3. Write cmd and click OK.

4. Screen as shown in image will pop-up.

(Click on image to enlarge)

5. Change Directory to C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0\bin ( This is where keytool.exe is located). See above image for doing so.

6. Now copy and paste below given line and press enter

keytool.exe -list -alias androiddebugkey -keystore “C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\.android\debug.keystore”

  • For pasting in command prompt screen use mouse left key and paste. ctrl + v will not work.
  • UserName: Name Used on your system check in  "C:\Documents and Settings".
  • Don't change anything from above line except UserName.
  • Path to debug.keystore file is listed in Eclipse under Window->Preferences->Android->Build

7. It will ask for password, type android and press enter (sometime when you type it will not show on screen, so don't get worried)

8. You will get code like given below.

9. Copy Certificate fingerprint and save at some safe place.

Once you get the Certificate fingerprint the next step is to sign up for Google Map API Key.

2. Accept the Term Of Use.

3. Paste certificate's MD5 fingerprint (which we generates) and click on 'Generate API Key' button.

4. Provide your gmail id and password and you will get the API Key.

Now you can start using your Google Map API key into your Android App.

If you have some query or question write down in comment. I will be pleased to solve it.

Happy Coding.

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